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About Us

If your dog's behavior is frustrating or challenging, we are here to help. Our team is comprised of dedicated, experienced, and passionate dog trainers with years of experience. We can handle it all - from getting your puppy started out on the right paw, to dealing with serious behavior issues like anxiety and aggression. And we do it all with humane, reward-based training for the most effective results.  We know you are busy, stressed, and ready to see a change, so let us help you and your pup find harmony in life together. 

border collie dog training

Melanie Hanan

Melanie Hanan is the founder and owner of WagMore Dog Training, LLC. She has been a full-time professional dog trainer since 2010. Melanie enjoys learning about the science of dog training and loves helping her students experience the joys of owning a well-trained family companion.

Melanie graduated from Hofstra University with a dual Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, as well as a BA in English Literature. After graduation, she enrolled in Karen Pryor Academy and graduated with distinction from their Dog Trainer Professional Course.  In 2014, she passed the CPDT-KA exam and became a Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the CCPDT.  She is a supporting member of the IAABC and a Canine Good Citizen Evaluation through the American Kennel Club.

Melanie lives in Melville with her husband Ryan, their two dogs – Brody, a Border Collie/Hound mix, and Ziggy, a standard Goldendoodle, and their rescue cat. In her spare time, Melanie enjoys hiking, reading, and volunteering with local rescue organizations to help dogs find loving, permanent homes.


Casey Newell
Board & Train and Puppy Camp Specialist

Casey Newell is a 30 year old animal lover, dog mom and new home owner. Her love of animals is something she has always felt deep in her soul, and she began her professional career at the young age of 15 with a job position at a local shelter. After five years of walking, feeding, socializing, and evaluating shelter dogs, Casey got a job as a veterinary assistant/technician to help more dogs in need. In 2016, she began rescuing and adopting senior dogs to make their golden years as happy and comfortable as possible. 

The knowledge and experience she gained with over 15 years in the shelter, veterinary, and rescue world led her into training where she quickly found that she was a natural. She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) through the CCPDT, is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy Foundation Course, and is a supporting member of the IAABC. 

 Casey cherishes the relationships that she has made through rehabilitating, nurturing, and caring for dogs and feels that they have been nothing short of extraordinary. She currently lives in Miller Place with her American Bully named Bruce. She enjoys hiking with Bruce, off roading on the beach, volunteering with non-profit animal rescues, and fostering bottle babies of all species.



Brody is Melanie’s 10 year old border collie/hound mix who was rescued from a kill shelter in Georgia in 2012. Brody has logged hundreds of hours helping socialize fearful, nervous, and aggressive adult dogs, and even more time being the friendly, adult dog in puppy socialization sessions. He loves learning new tricks and excelled at Karen Pryor Academy, graduating alongside Melanie in 2013. Brody’s favorite activities include walks through the trails, hikes in Vermont, playing with treat puzzles, and chewing on bully sticks. Brody has been at Melanie’s side through a majority of her training career, and she couldn’t ask for a better companion and teacher to learn from every day.



Ziggy is Melanie’s super friendly, 9 year old standard Goldendoodle. His excitement and enthusiasm are constant reminders to enjoy all the small things life has to offer. Ziggy’s claim to fame is showing off his self-control by running to his bed when guests are at the door. He has helped socialize many puppies over the last six years and is especially calm and patient with small breed dogs. In 2019, Ziggy graduated from a rigorous training program to become a certified Therapy Dog through the Good Dog Foundation. In addition to bringing joy to nursing homes, Ziggy’s favorite activities include snacking, hiking in the trails, and meeting new people.



Bruce is Casey's American Bully who was rescued in 2018 from the euthanasia list at the Brooklyn ACC. He is about 12 years old but age is just a number for this sweet friendly guy. Bruce hasn't met a person or child he hasn't loved, especially if they come with yummy treats for him. When Casey enrolled in Karen Pryor Academy's Foundation Course, Bruce was a more than willing training participant. He quickly learned the concept of clicker training, and within a few days Bruce was closing drawers on cue and eagerly awaiting his next session. Bruce enjoys the company of other dogs, and is an excellent demo dog for pups working through leash reactivity. 

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