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Board & Train Camps

Trusting someone else to care for your pup can be scary. With our one-of-a-kind training camps, you can rest assured that your dog is learning in a safe, comfortable, and fun home environment. We utilize science-based training techniques focusing on positive reinforcement to build desirable behaviors and habits during your dog's stay. Scroll to read more about our puppy camps, board & train camps, and house training camps! 


Puppies are a joy to be around! They bring us happiness and love. But they can also be a handful! New puppy parents are wise to take advantage of the most critical, early months of their puppy’s development by teaching manners and life skills. Puppy camp is a great option for busy, working families or for those having a difficult time training on their own.

Puppy camps takes place in the comfort of our trainer’s home, never a kennel, and last anywhere from one to four weeks. In every camp, puppies receive a great head start with house training, crate training, socialization, and basic obedience skills. Puppies are also safely socialized with strangers, sounds, objects, and our friendly, vaccinated helper dogs during this crucial developmental period. These programs are individually tailored for every puppy depending on their training needs and your goals and priorities. Every week of puppy camp includes an in-home transfer lesson for you, so the training can continue as your pup grows and matures. 

For all puppies under 20 weeks of age

Cost: $1400+tax per week


For dogs over 5 months of age

Our board & train camps provide a wonderful way to incorporate consistent training and practice into your dog's routine. During training camp, your dog will live in one of our certified trainer’s home full time – no lonely overnight kennels here! All dogs will receive multiple 20-40 minute training sessions daily, and will be immersed in our everyday life so we can continue to reinforce good habits throughout the day.

Training camps can help with:

* Listening to obedience commands

* Walking nicely on leash

* Coming when called

* Learning polite greetings with guests

* On-leash reactivity towards people or dogs

* Fearful behavior towards people

* Resource guarding of food, toys, or other objects

* General fearful or anxious behavior


Every training camp is completely customized based on your goals and your dog’s unique behavior needs. We include in-home lessons at the completion of every program to ensure a smooth transition and continued reinforcement of the skills your dog has learned.

1 Week: $1400+tax
2 Weeks: $2660+tax
3 Weeks: $3780+tax
4 Weeks: $4760+tax


For dogs over 5 months of age

House training can be one of the most difficult aspects of training your dog. It requires patience, commitment, and lots of consistency, and it can be frustrating when accidents continue to happen. No matter your dog's age, our house training camp can give you a big boost in the right direction. These camps are so successful due to our expertise, experience, and ability to dedicate ample time to training every day. In a house training camp, your adolescent or adult dog will live in our certified trainer’s home for a minimum of two weeks.

During the program, we will:

* Establish a pattern and schedule of elimination

* Utilize positive methods to reinforce good decisions

* Set up management techniques to reduce accidents

* Build bladder control to increase time between elimination

* Begin the pattern of successful house training


When your dog returns home, we’ll give you a 90 minute orientation to explain how to maintain and increase the potty training reliability and any other skills we have worked on. If you have questions after the program is completed, follow ups and support are included at no additional fee!

Cost: $1400+tax per week
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